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This cannot possibly end well. People love drones. Parents love others spying on their children. And words are inadequate to describe how much they love others doing things to their children without permission. And that is assuming everything works right. Imagine if one of these drones flys into somebody and hurts or kills them.
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I wonder if the posters have to lead with the information that a Doctor Who post isn't about one of the reboot Doctors. Because I have run into a pretty sharp divide where people who didn't discover the Doctor until recently do not care for the old ones (despite how amazing they were).
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To feel guilt, you have to know what you did wrong. If a dog destroys something long before you get home, they have no idea why you are mad at them. You'd get the same response if you came in mad when they'd done nothing wrong. Also, people can feel guilty when nobody knows they did something, because they can create the situation in their heads where people find out. Dogs can't.
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As adorable as it is, research has shown that dogs don't experience shame. Despite what any dog owner will tell you, the dogs are just responding to their owner's queues. They can tell you are angry and react accordingly. They aren't saying "I'm sorry". They are saying "Don't punish me".
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I remember learning this from a (sadly now out of print) Martin Gardner book. It's not at all hard, but never fails to impress, kids or adults.
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Yeah, it's the legs. The leg in front is her left, but it wouldn't be if her legs were crossed like that. But I only "noticed" that because of a previous comment.
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