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I want to believe! Ahem, I mean.

It looks like a typical room light on the ceiling. The student probably took it out of his window and it got reflected.
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Am I the only one who thinks that is a good idea--a cause for celebration! Personally, my parents got divorced when I was thirteen, so I was old enough to know about its normalcy and had a few friends who had the same living situations.
However, I did begin to notice that so much emphasis is placed on a home with both Mommy and Daddy...especially on children's toys.
I know that if my parent's were divorced when I was at an early age, I would love a toy like this. If a child is acting out their own family, and sees that the toys do not fit the circumstances of their parents, they will get discouraged, and think their family to be unnatural or wrong.
I do not see how a person could be disgusted by this toy. Divorce is an issue that children go through. And though playtime is, yes, supposed to be a happy time, children use it to cope too...or even just to reenact their lives or family. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just children's nature.
There should be more toys on the market dealing with families that aren't one mommy and one daddy. Interracial families, same-gender parents...etc. I'm glad to see it starting. :]

That's just my two cents.
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Guys, it's actually a really funny comic. You don't look at Garfield or Bugs Bunny and say, "Ewww furry!" How about its just a fun comic that happens to have cat characters?
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I've gotten the 'Life is not a struggle. It is a wiggle." one before. It made the "in bed" suffix pretty funny.

My brother once got one that boasted, "Congratulations: You love Chinese food!" He figured that it's the only true fortune out there.
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There is something similar to this at Wildwood in New Jersey. It's not a roller coaster, but it's SO much fun, and not as scary as you'd think.
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