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This is just one of several new products introduced by ThinkGeek on the first of April. Every now and then, some of their April First product offerings have such demand that they are actually put into production (I'm looking at YOU, Bacon Plushie, and YOU, Tauntaun sleeping bag!)
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As one of the millions who were watching live, it was an event to remember. Being the age I was, the pretty pictures captured me more than the words.
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My mom and both grandmothers swore by their cast-iron cookware for the same reason -- the small amount of iron that gets into the food each meal will help prevent anemia.
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Kevin said "Librarians with swords - now that's just scary..."

I offer CONAN THE LIBRARIAN (previously seen on Neatorama)
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I too was hoping for a direct link...but if you are merely curious about some of the recipes, a translation of the book titled "To The King's Taste" was published some years ago. It's got the original recipe on one page, and a modern translation with amounts and times as a kitchen tested recipe on the other. Although there is a certain ... something ... about a recipe that starts "Take good fleshe of pigges and whack hem into gobbets..." It beats "2 pounds of pork loin, cubed" any day!
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