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How can it be that so many dogs of one type are at the Brevard animal Shelter: American Bull Terrier?

Answer to that question is the same answer to the question: Why did Roger Thievierge try to run that person over? I took pictures of Roger Thievierge stealing dogs from a locked-fenced backyard and he wanted to steal the camera I had TO DESTROY proof that ANIMAL CONTROL STEALS DOGS OF UNFAVORABLE BREEDS AWAY FROM PRIVATE CITIZENS.

Porkchop was murdered August 15, 2007 by the ruthlessly stupid Dawn Taplin. Taplin staged the killing of Porkchop and put it on national news. The killing of Porkchop was unjustifiable and evil. Porkchop was a pot-belly pig, and his anatomy is one of a pig, not a dog or cat.

In the State of Florida there are 52 qualified Vets that administer medical care to pigs. Because pig’s lungs are smaller, there heads are larger, and their sensory reception is based on smell; unlike humans that rely on sight, pigs are very different.

So DUMB-A..., idiot Dawn Taplin sees an animal that looks to her funny (because she is intellectually empty) she makes-up outlandish falsehoods about the pig based on her delusional insights. The stuff she said was bizarre. I have proven that Dawn Taplin is a fraud, a liar and an ignoramus by her own police reports.

Brevard Animal Services could not decipher the difference between common sense and Taplin’s hallucinations. How much effort can it take to go on the Internet and look up animal characteristics? Animal Services employ unqualified and inept people. Moreover, Roger Thievierge and Michael Healy are just plain corrupt.

This is filed as my statement to the police and the courts and a civil trial pending for medical damages:

I was going home for lunch at 12:00 noon, Friday October 26, 2007. I heard yelling, and observed a completely strange behavior from a petite lady who was wearing an Animal Services uniform. She had long black hair tied back in two long pony-tails, her age I estimate about 60 years old. She was yelling at two medium small dogs. The two dogs were secured and locked behind a private chain-length fence in a private backyard. I stopped to watch, because the situation was bizarre in nature.

The lady I observed seemed unsure of herself; her behavior showed that she lacked expertise dealing with animals/dogs. She was yelling at the dogs behind the chair-length fence to get back, she yelled at the dogs telling them that they were mangy mutts. She took a stick and was pretending to hit and strike the dogs in the face behind the private fence. She was repeatedly shaking the fence. She was scaring, harassing, and intimidating the two dogs. The more I watched: it showed that the Animal Control lady was tormenting the dogs.

The dogs never barked; they showed NO signs of aggression. The dogs were peaceful, stayed calm, and did not react in any way except to retreat to the backyard or try to get inside the house (they were standing on the small step leading to the kitchen door, I have pictures); still the lady persisted to torment the dogs. The dogs would retreat to the back of the house, lie down and try to sleep. Then the Animal Control lady would rattle the gate and chain-length fence again, trying to get the dogs to bark. She continued again and again yell at the dogs.

The observation showed that the Animal Control lady was in fact committing a crime of Animal Abuse on the two dogs, she was tormenting them. I parked my car took out my camera and took pictures of the Animal Control worker abusing, tormenting, and scaring the two dogs behind the locked, chain-length fence. The lady saw me across the street taking pictures and got into her truck and made a call on a cell phone. The dogs retreated to back of the house. At no instant were the dogs aggressive, the dogs remained peaceful, quite and friendly.

About eight minutes later another Animal Control truck arrived at the quite, peaceful neighborhood. A male Animal Control person exited the vehicle: Roger Thievierge. He went over to the gate, rattled the fence, and the dogs came back to the fence from the backyard. Roger Thievierge poked a stick into the dog’s faces and lunged at them. Roger Thievierge reached over the fence and petted the dogs on the head. The dogs wagged their tails and greeted Animal Control: Roger Thievierge in a friendly manner (I have pictures).

The dogs had no aggression, showed no signs of meanness. The dogs were friendly, calm and peaceful. Then the two Animal Control persons opened the gate of the private residence’s fence and proceeding to go after the dogs. The dogs proceeded to retreat to the backyard. (EXPLICIT PICTURES)

The two Animal Control persons followed the dogs behind the house. The two followed the dogs to the opposite side of the house to a closed sheltered patio and said: There is food and water (Loud enough such that I heard them). Then the two dragged the two medium small brown dogs from the backyard and dragged them to the center of the streets. The dogs tagged along, the Animal Control lady took one dog and put it in the Animal Control truck.

Animal Control: Roger Thievierge dragged the other dog in the middle of the street. There was no obvious reason to bring the dog into the street. Roger Thievierge dragged the dog about 15 feet away from the Animal Control truck into the center of the street.

Once in the street the Roger Thievierge started to strangle and choke one of the dogs with his wire hook, twisting it and pulling it. He was purposely making a display of it, inflicting pain and torturing the dog. He was showing off how he was strangling and choking the dog. He was getting pleasure from it. I have pictures of Roger Thievierge and the Animal Control female laughing and having a smile on his faces, while the dog is whining with pain. Roger Thievierge was doing it on purpose to be cruel and intimidating. The dog wiggled and squirm to get free and I could see that the dog was having difficulty breathing.

Roger Thievierge was getting pleasure in wrenching the animal’s neck and seeing it suffer. He took great please in seeing the dog flinch in pain, whine with injuries, and pant from the choking effect of the wire wrapped around his neck. He continued to choke and strangle the dog in the center of the street. There were cars going by. Roger Thievierge put the dog’s life in danger by strangling the dog in the center of the street with oncoming traffic. (I have pictures.) Remember, Roger stole the dogs from a lock-fenced backyard of a private citizen’s home. I met the owners of the dogs and they love their dogs and the dogs are well cared for. The owner thought that the dogs were safe if they were in their own locked-fenced backyard on private property.


Roger Thievierge choked the dog by pulling the dog vertical by its neck off the ground by a wire loose. The dog’s full weight was dangling by the wire loose around the dog’s neck. Then Roger Thievierge threw the dog into the Animal Control truck. The dog hit the sides of the truck, and was trying to climbing on an invisible footing because it was a 90 degree wall. (I have pictures.)

One of the dog’s legs was dangling on the outside of the small box in the truck and Roger Thievierge shut the door on the dog’s leg. The dog cried with pain and Roger Thievierge just smiled. Roger Thievierge closed the door of the box in his truck and didn’t even check to see it the dog’s leg was broken.


The Animal Control lady got in her truck and drove off. Roger Thievierge’s truck was facing north. He got into his truck. I though he was going to drive off as well, so I turned away and started walking north toward my car. I diagonally crossed to the other side of the street and was walking on public sidewalks.

I walked about 100 feet to an intersection. Then in an instant my body was whipped backwards by the force of a hand on my neck. Roger Thievierge had come up from behind me and grabbed my neck tying to steal my camera. He had tortured a small innocent animal; he was capable of unprovoked violence. Once I got my bearing, I found that Roger Thievierge had gotten into his truck and was blocking my passage. He had me corned down a dead end street. The option to continue in the direction I intended was unavailable to me. HE TRIED TO RUN ME DOWN WITH HIS ANIMAL CONTROL TRUCK WHILE TWO DOGS WERE LOCKED IN THE BACK TRUNK.

Roger Thievierge was intent on getting my camera for a second time. He began to stalk me with his truck. Remember, the poor dogs were inside the truck with one of the dog’s leg possibly broken; yet he disregarded the need to get the dogs to the Brevard Animal Shelter where the dogs could be treated for injuries suffered by Roger Thievierge. Roger Thievierge began stalking, and stalking me. (I have pictures.)

Roger Thievierge proceeded to stalk me for six block. I reached the end of one block and seen a husband and wife, I told them that I was being stalked and injured and asked them to call the police.

I proceeded to walk, in fear that if I stopped the Roger Thievierge would once again jump out of his truck and attach me and grab my camera. I keep moving.

The next house a man and his son were playing basketball outside in their driveway. I asked them to help me and call the police. The man said he was with his son and he didn’t want to get involved. I continued to walk. After I passed his house Roger Thievierge was still stalking me about 15 feet away the (man with the son) approached the Animal Control truck and asked Roger Thievierge “Hey, man what is going on here? Some communication went on, but I could not hear what was said. I continued to escape.

Roger Thievierge was pacing my every step, elapse time now 40 minutes. At this point, it was completely evident and undeniable that the course of conduct and behavior of Animal Control: Roger Thievierge was that of creating a presence of a threat, and a criminal intent to cause fear and harm to me (the victim).

Roger Thievierge showed a course of conduct by a series of acts that presented a pattern of behavior that reflected his desire to harm, scare, and stalk me.

He purposely showed that he could strangle a small dog in public.
He grabbed my neck from behind.
He blocked my access not allowing me freedom.
He stalked me for 45 minutes, when he had ample chance to take another route.

At an intersection a driver in a tan van was exiting the driveway of a church on the corner. The man saw the Animal Control: Roger Thievierge truck stalking me and asked if I need help. I said yes. I told the driver in the van exiting the church that Animal Control: Roger Thievierge was stalking me; that he had injured me, and that he wanted to steal my camera.

The man in the van said to get into his van and he would take me to the police. I open the door and got into the van. The man drove me to the police station. Roger Thievierge continued to stalk both me and the drive of the van to the police station.
I was injured and I went to hospital. I went to the police station and filed a police report of stalking and later filed a violence charge against Roger Thieveries. Next is a civil case against him.
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Consider this:
If I had not intervened and took pictures of Animal Services Roger Thievierge STEALING the dogs from a locked-fenced, backyard on private property then the two dogs would have been at the shelter as unknown strays.

Animal Services had NO intention on telling the owners that it was (them) Animal Services who stole the dogs.

It was Friday afternoon, so when the owner of the dogs returned the first thing they would deduce is the dogs got out and search the neighborhood; and of course that would be futile. A few hours later, and it gets dark. So with frantic optimism and worry the owner would hope for the dogs to return for supper at nighttime. At his time the owner are terrified and begin to panic (I met the owner and they were beyond worry and did panic). Where are my dogs? What has happened to them? Who would take our dogs?

Now being late: owner physically exhausted from searching, calling the dogs, and asking neighbors if they seen the dogs, the next logical thought is to call the shelter. After 6:00 PM that would be pointless. Imagine what the owners would go through worrying about their dogs all night?

Facts show that if it was Corporal Michael Healy then there would be good evidence that the dogs never made it to the shelter. Michael Healy could have sold them to research instituted that experiment on dogs. And the owners will never know what happened to their dogs. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD ANYONE EXPECT THAT IT WAS ANIMAL SERVICES THAT STOLE THE DOGS.

However, in this case it was Animal Services Roger Thievierge, and his disregard of the dogs was to strangle them in the road with on coming traffic. So who is the “less than favorable individual”?

Now you tell me: how can progress be made getting the reduction of cats on the loose altered if Animal Services chased me all over the city in his TAX money paid for Animal Services vehicle while gas prices are $3.37 a gallon.
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