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Correction-(October 26, 2007)-
On that date I saw and photographed Roger Thievierge stealing two dogs from a neighbor's backyard, it was fenced and gated. Roger Thievierge told the neighbor that the dogs were "running around the neighborhood" which was FALSE. I also took photos of the dogs behind the gate and Roger entering the lock, gated, backyard to steal the dogs. When he seen me with the camera, he attached me and tried to take my camera. Then while the two dogs are still in his truck he stalked me for 45 minutes. Until a bystander noticed Roger's stange advances on me and intervene.

Police and Animal Control "Corruption" is at an all time high in Palm Bay.
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Pat said in February 2nd, 2008 at 1:09 am

So they killed the pig? And how do you really feel about officer Dawn Taplin? And what did the courts say about Joey?

Yes, they killed the pig. That was the intent.

This was all planned by “Dawn Taplin” she wanted “Porkchop” killed. There was no consideration about Porkchop living; the Palm Bay Police intended from the start to kill Porkchop.

In fact a rescue group was trying to intervene and get custody of Porkchop and the police would not stop and went ahead with the killing.

The Palm Bay Police killing the pig was deliberate and calculated. Look once more at the video, where they were dragging Porkchop by his little feet. At that point Animal Control were pulling the muscles from the skeletal bones. They were ripping Porkchop’s internal organs apart. At no point was it the police department’s intention to keep Porkchop alive. Make this very clear: DAWIN TAPLIN had it planned from the start that she was going to kill Porkchop!!!

Dawn Taplin, what I’ve uncovered is a “crackpot,” she creates attention. The creation of putting this on network news was her idea. Another strange twist to this story is that Dawn Taplin lived only 2 blocks away from Joey’s house. Taplin lived with her long time companion Tina Hensel another cop. And my investigation brings up all kinds of strange occurrences associated with Dawn Taplin, amazingly Tina Hensel police car exploded in 2006. How very stange.
Florida Cruisers Pulled Off Street after Two Explode: "The flames were just coming up, just as we were hearing the big bang," said Officer Tina Hensel. Hensel said she never expected her police cruiser's engine would become a flame thrower of sorts earlier this week. "It was being fueled by fire, so the flames were distinctly red. You could tell there was an accelerant," she said.

Your question: “And how do you really feel about officer Dawn Taplin?”

My answer: Publicly and very clearly: Dawn Taplin is despicable and evil. I feel she is a danger to the community and a disgrace to public service. I have no doubt that she will once again hurt someone innocent. She has shown a pattern of misconduct, she is a liar, a fraud, and an imposter.

Her public record is still missing. She is not “not” a detective, as she so often claims. She should be expelled and impeached from law enforcement and civil duty. I would like her to face charges of misconduct and fraud.

How can I say this? “Wake up people!” Where has common sense gone? Porkchop had a happy, loving home in sunny Florida. He slept under Australian pine in his little home. He feared no one, because he was loved and never knew hardship. He was retired and harmed no one. Joey lives on the farthest corner of Palm Bay where cows roam, horses and goats are in pastures and chickens are in backyards “fact.” Palm Bay use to be a very rural area, it’s only been in the last few years that development has taken over. Palm Bay is a mix of country and small time city.

Well the court system is in a pickle. What to do? The city cares nothing about animal. The arresting officer is a proven “IMPOSTER and FRAUD.” Palm Bay Police said they dispatched 5 enforcement personnel at the salaries stated:

Don Smith-Sergeant at a salary of 26.00 dollars an hour
Amy Nation at a salary of 20.00 dollars an hour
Dawn Taplin at a salary of 20.00 dollars an hour
Clendinin-CS Tech at 17 dollars an hour
Carter CS Tech at 17.00 dollars an hour

The city of Palm Bay say’s they spent thousands of dollars, on the killing of Porkchop. Brevard Animal services said they dispatched 14 Animal Control workers:

Craig Engelson-Director
Kathy Beatson-Asst. Director
Robert Brown-Captain
Correen Ferrante-Sergeant
Christopher Robinson-Cruelty Investigator
Kevin Earley-Outreach Officer
Roger Thievierge-Officer (who attacked me and tried to run me down with his truck on October 26, 2008 )
Brian Figueroa-Officer
Steve Anderson-Cruelty Investigator
Carla Mercer-Officer
Denise Karlton Officer
Michael Healy-Corporal
Gary Nicholes
Bobby Brown
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