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You do not fool anyone. You think "its cool" to be a stooge of black supremacy. So you run an article glorifying a bunch of homosexual nazis. They are nazis because they suppressed a group of white people's free speech.
Why? They did it because they are afraid that if they let the truth survive, their little "cool world" of licking the asses of black males, will be revealed for what it is.These primitive white submissives will be ricocheting around without any boss figure.
Very low testosterone white males, ignorant, poorly educated and half crazy brainwashed idiots, love to get on sites like this and parade their "intelligence."
Because (deep inside their pea brains) they know they are stupid. They know you are stupid. But they have been told that if they destroy the white race, they will be cool... and a punk in the stable of those black males they have been taught to revere.
Its sick. Your world is sick.
But we are going to bring your world down. We are going to stomp you into oblivion, with the truth!
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