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Actually, yawning in dogs can have several meanings. It could just be a yawn, but it's also dog speak for "Is everything OK?". If a dog does a quick yawn in his or her pack, a yawn response from another (dog or human) means "Yup, It's cool." Our Rottie rescue is rather insecure and does the quick yawn often. I just quick yawn back and pet her and she’s good to go.
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Actually, the center of gravity will accelerate a bit less than 9.8 ft/sec2 due to the angle of release, but the free end will still have greateracceleration than the center so it will still beat the ball.
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The trick is the board has a center of gravity (the center of the board). This is the point that is accelerated by gravity at 9.8ft/sec2. The pivot end does not "fall" at all and the far end "falls" at an acceleration greater than the average for the whole board. The ball simply falls at 9.8 ft/sec2 thus arrives after the free end of the board.
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Ha- Before you criticize you should read Wrangham’s book. He goes into meticulous detail on the raw food movement and the ENERGY benefits of cooking food. Your statement that he has no evidence for his premise absolutely wrong. Coldfish- the latest theories on the date for both the domestication of fire and cooking (pretty much simultaneous) is about 1.8 million years ago. Wrangham also addresses this question in his book.
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