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Why can't you quote from a graphic that includes words and not just an image? Granted that you can not electronically copy and paste the text, but that doesn't prevent a person from quoting it by manual transcription.

"You do realize those 1000x9000 pixel images full of gradients and bad clip art are slowing down you site's load time, right?"

Wow, I somehow magically quoted the un-quotable and posted it.
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"...these professional exotic dancers display the size and shape of average women who would never be offered a professional position in entertainment today."

And today's entertainers wouldn't find work back then. What's your point? Fashion changes. Happens to men, also.
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Because University/College was considered option additional education back when High Schools taught crazy stuff like math, science, English, and history. A person with a High School diploma was considered educated.

Things have changed. We've gone from a HS Graduate knowing algebra and applied physics, to HS Graduates not being able to even spell algebra, all the way to Harvard post-graduates that can't balance their check books.

There's far too much emphasis put on a college degree. All people want is that paper and care not one bit about learning something that will directly apply to the job market.
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Utter nonsense. University tuition has skyrocketed far, far above either salaries or inflation. They do this while pocketing huge profits from their sports programs.

There does not need to be any subsidies. There needs to be open books, auditing, and discontinuation of tenure.

You (or your kids) PAY a University for education, yet nobody holds them to the same type of accountability that one does a other services. Why not? If your goal is education, then demand that you get value. If you just want to pay for a piece of paper with a name on it, then none of this really matters.

If a Professor takes up most of the class talking off-topic, demand your money back. That's what you'd do with a plumber that talked about her family life instead of unclogging your drain.

Until and unless Universities and Colleges are held to the same expectations as Trade Schools, absolutely nothing will change and will all end up paying more while getting less.
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Respect is earned and I fail to see where postal workers have earned it anymore than, say, a plumber. Is there a national Free Enterprise Package Delivery Day? Lost mail, yearly rate increases, reduced service, and government subsidies is no way to go through life, son.
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Eli Manning is referred to by his first name by Football fans in order to avoid confusion with his brother, Peyton Manning. I'm sure, however, that the great and wise people at this wonderfully informative and fully fact checked aggregation site knew this.
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West Virgina, home of moonshining, has the same rate as Utah. Apparently nobody drinks in Tennessee since that state doesn't have a number. Remember, folks, you're the ones paying for these studies and support those who disseminate without questioning them. Perhaps if people began to hold the media who posts these reports as responsible as the people who create them, we might begin to see some real science again.
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