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Actually, I like it (but that little ginger kid with the flat affect is a bit creepy!) Kids really do think like that, and adults do shut down their questions about death, which makes the subject even scarier and more taboo. Having worked in hospice and bereavement with kids, they actually do ask these kinds of questions in a very matter of fact way.
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This is a special harpooning device for Barney. It was used when he became out of control after taping his show and started giving inappropriate hugs. The chain marks the enclosure he was kept in.

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This is an anti-smoking message. The frowning character is sad because his lovely day in the sun, walking under a beautiful rainbow and clouds has been ruined by an oblivious smoker (other figure) who has carelessly thrown his cigarette on the grass. The smoke from the cigarette is rendered in blue above the sad figure's head, while the ashes are left on the ground defiling the grass (ASCH). This is a tragic, yet common occurrence that will scar this young person's memories of the beauty of Nature forever. Shame on smokers!!!

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After you're done with that, would you stop by the store and pick up some kibble? I promised some friends they could come by and watch the Puppy Bowl later.

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Well, it depends on what kind of sandwich it was. If it was a REALLY good corned beef and mustard on rye from Attman's in Baltimore, I might delay going to the hospital myself!
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The first time she takes a handful of her lunch (Cheerios and milk) from her bowl at a restaurant and gleefully flings it at a businessman in a suit sitting at a nearby table.
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This has nothing to do with cheating. The cool kid wore one of these headfolders yesterday, so today the entire class is wearing them. Tomorrow, he'll decide it's not cool anymore, and no one will wear them anymore, but there will be dozens of them in the clearance bins at Walmart.

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sorry, forgot to mention the t-shirt in the last comment...

A banana? This is awfully suspicious. I'm calling in a report to DHS!

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