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Von Skippy, I would like to take this time to request that you point your chastizing finger up your anus. I'm one of the 100 (the samurai, hard to miss), and while some have issues that may make them seem like failures, a true failure is one who is so desperate to atone for his failings that he lables others as failures. I would like to add that, while there are a few minor inaccuracies this is a good representation of young americans.

To Jacki: I've noticed the same thing. Some older people seem to generalize us. Since I've started college, I've noticed several stereotyping glares. I'm constantly looked at as if I'm a lesser being because I'm not 40, like I'll pick-pocket them because I'm 19. Even after I have held the door for them, oh...I must have been plotting something, mwahahaha! All part of my scheme, hold the door, then...forget the even exist, so fiendish, so evil! I just ignore it, some day they'll be too old to care, and by that time we'll be fixing the problems they started.
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