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I don't think he should have won because it diminishes the achievements of those who received the Peace award in the past - people whose works, by and large, were aimed at actual 'peace' or in the very least remained truer to Nobel's wish that the award go ' '... to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses'

While the Nobel group has stretched that definition somewhat over the years, it completely ignores it with the award to Gore.
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DEC bundled the browser but Mosaic was invented at NCSA in Chicago. Netscape Navigator was called Netscape Mosaic, too. You can find tiny copies of it archived online with it's terrible logo.

The first browser was created in 1990 and was called 'WorldWideWeb'.
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I remember lying in bed in Calgary scared to death that a glacier was going to burst through the wall while I was asleep. I had no concept of glacial motion, but as an elementary school studen I was ripe for the panic that the environmentalists wanted to create, as they do now.

The warnings were dire and the people who made these predictions were the Gores of their day, like Paul Ehrlich.

The difference, DCer, is that we have a far broader means of communication in 2007 than existed in 1973. We had only 2-3 channels in Calgary and didn't get any US channels until cable around 1973 (and then only ABC and CBS).

Had the means to promote global cooling as a theory been as widely available as the means to promote warming, it would have been a much larger movement for a much longer time.
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In his defense, a $10 share of a robbery wasn't that bad. If we assume a job was done in 1892 (Ketchum was 30), that $10 had the purchasing power of $228 in 2006 dollars.

That $500 job in 1898 had the 2006 purchasing power of $12,537 - not bad when you figure a member of US congress took home about $460/mth at that time.


(I'm not trying to justify his crimes - just pointing out that $10 was worth more in the 1890's)
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You might be interested in knowing that Dr Henry Heimlich (of the somewhat discredited 'maneuver') actually proposes malaria treatment for AIDS.

You can read more here ...

... and you can read about its 'discreditation' here ...

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"the Art of Motion" is too close to the 1952 short, 'Neighbours'

The original is here:

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As interesting (and impressive) as the 'bot is, that has to be one of the less exciting videos I've watched. I mean, it doesn't do any sort of 'Strike!' dance or high digital five or buy a round of beer.
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I live in Hamilton, and this was in the papers for a few days. The kid's bike was stored on the balcony. He used it to climg high enough to look over, the bike shifted and he fell over. As the caption points out the ground was soft from rain (and from snow melt), and absorbed the impact of the hit. Anyone can 'break' a limb not have it shatter - it's called 'hairline'.
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He landed on his back, so it's just shadows.

Also, had he landed face-down it's unlikely his face would have been uninjured.

I have another shot of it, from a slightly different angle, which is much more crisp than this shot.
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This is a (television)duplicate of some radio spots that ran in Ontario last summer.

You can listen to them here:

(under 'Radio')
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Okay, obviously I spelled 'Ontario' wrong - but I need you to know I also spelled 'burned' wrong.

I would rather rather wipe the sweat from under an obese man's breasts than use the word 'burnded'.

Please, I ask you all - forgive me.
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"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I don't think it does. It generates waves which have the potential to become a sound but only if they hit a tympanic membrane.

Without an ear, the tree simply pushes around some air.
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