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I did something quite similar during the time I was taking Physics back in high school. I fought the ticket by pointing out discrepancies with speed, curb weight of the vehicle, coefficients of friction, angles, the works; I even pulled up an aerial photograph of the intersection for fully accurate radius measurements and arcs (before Google Earth, this was in the Terraserver days) and visited the intersection at 3:00am when there was no traffic with strings, stakes, levels, and tape measure to meassure the angle of the bank. In the end I proved that from where the officer was (in his own words) there was no way I could have passed him at the speed he "clocked" me, and still have slowed down enough to make the curve of the exit going onto the road where he pulled me over without having locked up the tires and ending up in the grass, or if the tired HAD held (I worked all the angles), I still would have flipped the vehicle I was driving. It had to have been one of the vehicles in the other lane that were continuing down that road...
It was one of the most joyous experiences of my life, right up until the point I went to court and still had to pay the ticket. That was the day my faith in the justice system was obliterated. I still have all the drawings, equations, vehicle research, and picture (the entire file I took into court, 20 some-odd pages). I can't bring myself to throw all that work away, even after this long. Maybe I'll bring it out and show it to the kids when they get to that age. "See, THIS is when you are 'going to need this'... so get to the studies (and hope you find an honorable court room)"
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Man, I hate to think what Archimedes did without his Mac...

"We are all geniuses; however, if you judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree he will go trough his entire life believing that he is stupid."

Technology or not, education in this country is a joke!! "Most likely to succeed" Has anyone ever asked what that even means? Most likely to succeed at what? Life? I see a lot of uneducated C students that live to an old age... seems they have succeeded at life. Most likely to reign in the capitalist world is all it means... success, right...

"It is to measure of health to be adapted to a profoundly sick society"

We need to fix society before we worry about a better or worse way of "educating" it. Sorry, Neatorama rant; soap box dismount.
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"No, no, no... it would only be creepy if I had used ketchup INSTEAD of mustard. And you don't have to worry, I don't even like relish...pickles in general, just... and... you know what, forget it"

Protect Your Nuts (Medium)
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"Yeah, right... I mean, you know, no, normally I wouldn't be caught dead doing this sorts of thing... I just... I mean, he hit me first, you know? We should keep this between us..."
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