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Chuck - If it weren't for the Canadian health care system, I'd have never had access to the treatments I needed when I was young and the surgeries to correct my feet in the last few years. They would have been prohibitively expensive without taxpayers like my mum, a registered nurse, who pays 35% of her paycheque in taxes. I am currently in school to be an MLT, another hospital position that pays similar taxes, and I'm proud to pay them so that others can have the access that I did.
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Maybe I'm a little strange, but my teenage fantasy was to find a man who would take care of me, and I would take care of him as well. An equal partnership?

Being completely taken care of and overshadowed by a man is such a lazy and indulgent fantasy.
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As a Canadian, I find this controversy hilarious. In my school system, if you so chose, you could take all of your courses in either French or in English, and by the time you were in high school you were expected to be fluent in both (if you chose the French stream). And this is perfectly normal for Canada.
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Thank god I live in Alberta, where trade school is promoted to a (much) greater extent than university. I was friggen valedictorian and I can't get into the trade school program of my choice, but all the universities will take me!
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^ Thank god I'm not the only person who feels that way. I actually laughed out loud at the article. Amazing that human language originated with humans!
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