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Are these the guys who compile the "you-are-related-to" websites? You know, the ones that say your parents are 101 years old and you still live with your ex-husband from whom you've been divorced 12 years? They work for the credit bureaus.
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Previewed the commercials and got the recap afterwards online. Kelly Clarkson did a fantastic job on the National Anthem. MIA gets notoriety for bad behavior. And Mrs. Brady doesn't have a very attractive mouth.
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Eat your words, Bobo. That photo is Not and never was Dawn Wells. Link is wrong too. Google for her 2008 pothead mugshot. She's stretched out and definitely looks 73 or older.
I don't know which disturbs me more - that she hangs on to her "bun-huggers" - or that the story implies she still wears them.
TMI Ewww.
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What about ear hair plucking? Really. You notice how many old dudes have tufts growing out of the sides of their heads?
And those same guys are likely to have caterpillars above their eyes too.
If guys expect women to be hair free, they need to get a clue that we would appreciate specific area reciprocation when you hit 50+.
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What's the fun in that?
When I was younger, my mom told me that when I finished breakfast, I'd have to go to the grocery store with her.
So, I took my sweet time about not only separating the cereal bits from the marshmallows, but sorting the marshmallows by shape. Without milk, they kind of squeak when you bite them.
Laking a sense of creativity, humor, and organization, mom never bought another box of Lucky Charms again...
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Unbelievably gross. Like blood or plasma, if banks won't take it because of strict screening procedures and especially the medication she's ingesting, then NOBODY should be drinking it. No wonder her kids are ending up in NICU. For a so called "lactation educator", this couple's logic is so wrong. I suppose they think a prescription for one person is OK for everyone, via body fluids? Does that even make sense? Think, people.
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Book smarts or street smarts? In which case, Carla would be at the top.
And why is ditzy Rebecca in the top 5? Either way, she's a step above Woody.
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I'm not on fb, but my cousin reposted photos I sent her in private e-mail. Using anyone's information without their consent is FRAUD.
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When I had gum surgery a couple years ago, the dr. accidentally nicked my frenulum which resulted in half my lower lip permanently numb. I understand same side effects if tongue piercing is done wrong. Let's not make this a trend, eh?
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According to the phone number, which wasn't whited out, it's Outback Pizza and Nightclub in Ludlow, Vermont. The menu on their website features lots of garlic and onions, so if you fart, it's really not your fault.
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Newsweek is a trashmag anyway. (why do we want news a week late?) A prime example of "just because you CAN photoshop, doesn't mean you SHOULD". And, in this case, it's a poor rendering anyway. Who's the idiot who approved this for production? This wouldn't even go on 1000words.com
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I wrote a blessing on the underside of the bottom closet shelf of my last apartment before getting married.
Light switch message is a cool idea.
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