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Totally gross. However, should you tip over the gravyboat, your lifesaver is right there.

Anyone see the "fathers day" tampon project?

Its a Toupee...of tampons. I bet that one goes over well. :/
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The most interesting part for me (not being a sports fan) was seeing the stadium clean-up after everyone left.

Wow, humans are total slobs. ;P
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Wow that was pretty sad. Reminds me that my parents aren't getting any younger.

I skipped out on putting up christmas ornaments with my mom who has arthritic hands (had late night of WOW).

Now... I feel REALLY bad. Tomorrow for sure!T_T
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ugh completely needless suffering. I've seen something similar with fish. Only instead of slicing it alive, they fry the body while the head is still alive. Gross gross gross.

I hear theres some sort of facial paracite worm people can get from fresh sushi. I can only hope people that do this get one HELL of a nasty case of face worms.
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I remember a while ago someone made a VR style Tour of this house. You could move room to room and look at everything. WOnder what happened to that, it was pretty neat.
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I'm going to assume these people won a contest or something. Because... the alternative is too bizzare and will make my head explode.
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Hehe, the announcer really does sound like he's saying it the other way. Almost like he decided to just go with it near then end. :P
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Kinda amusing. Too bad it wasn't in chronological order. He'd sing about something that was on the net recently then jump to something thats been around for ages and back again.
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ugh... Great, just what i need to listen to. Some jerk making an annoying racket puffing and puffing over and over again to inflate one of those things right behind me while i'm trying to rest.
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