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For the record, I'm an attractive young, confident woman who would not in the whole world ever be caught wearing only a camisole and underwear to work. It has nothing to do with finding the female body beautiful and worthy of appreciation, but has everything do with the fact that this occurred at a WORKPLACE. Where people are supposed to be WORKING, not appreciating each other's bodies. It is totally inappropriate to be wearing only underwear at work. It is also totally inappropriate for the management to be creating a sexually charged atmosphere in the workplace. Not to mention how sexist it is that only the women were asked to wear lingerie.

Women's bodies are worthy of admiration. So are men's. It's telling that only women are routinely expected/asked to show off their curves.
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It's funny that this makes people so angry, and yet most americans eat meat that comes from animals who were not only killed in a less-than-humane way, but who spent their entire lives in totally miserable conditions. I'd rather be a fish that gets eaten alive but gets to swim free for most of my life than a chicken who is debeaked and kept in a cage barely bigger than my body for my entire life.
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I'll make the cued comments:

This is not "neat" and its really weird to see it on neatorama. Its not what I came here for, and its not something I want to see on here at all, especially without a disclaimer (e.g. "We know this isn't neat, but we thought it was important to recognize")
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