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Hai catizen!
Well I still have one bone to pick with this kinda sorta... Where do the cats come from? Breeders or shelters? The cat cafe idea would be perfect to promote shelter/stray care and adoption, even though it seems that the whole point of the thing is *not* owning a cat.
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Whoah. I'm totally fascinated. Regardless of whom the Down Syndrome figure actually represents, its amazing to see someone with this syndrome truthfully and positively represented in such a portrait of that era. I mean, when ya think about it, the 16th century must of been a harsh time for anybody with such a disability. Not understanding such an affliction, perhaps, the family would be distressed so see an infant displaying those characteristics upon birth. One could imagine that these infants were turned away by families, or even worse being the subject of infanticide, if not loved and cared for. Some cultures might of even viewed such syndromes as the work of evil or the devil. Anyway, back on the subject of paintings and portraits; Perhaps when families commissioned portraits they would instruct the artist to portray the disabled individual as "normal", thus the absence of such works of art as we see here (By the way I am not inferring that the painting above represents a family).
Anyway, yeah, nice picture.
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Thank you, oh thank you, for uncovering this game. Shite like this sure beats, say, bejeweled.
Sadly, If I were to introduce this to my fellow twenty something friends, they would fail terribly.
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Whoah. This made my eyes and nose gooey, i.e., almost cried.
Even after reading the possible arguments that indeed, the mother's messages could be game-generated, this story delivered a punch in the head for the day.
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