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Well, I've always believed that New Yorkers believe more of their own hype than any other collection of people in the world, but the Consumer Reports article opens with, "There’s nothing quite like a New York bagel—or is there? Although a bagel from a shop near our headquarters in Yonkers, N.Y., set the bar high, a few big brands came close." So they didn't claim chain-store bagels were the best.

But then the NYP says, "Science and stats are for rubes when it comes to bagel eating, New Yorkers said yesterday as they chewed on the real thing." So science and statistics doesn't apply to New Yorkers? Oh, the hubris.

But it gets better. The NYP says, "Everyone knows the best bagels come fresh from their local bagel shop-" then just a few sentences later they say, "It was hard to find anyone who’d ever tried a frozen bagel." So which is it? "Everyone" or those "hard to find"?
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When he plugs things into it the power strip never moves or jiggles; it may be glued to the table. Wires may be coming up through the wooden table.
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"By an odd coincidence, Corbett’s bullet had struck Booth in the same spot Booth’s shot had hit president Lincoln."

Lincoln was shot in the head, Booth was shot in the neck.
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They always do this with a Happy Meal. Because they know the smaller the patty, the quicker it will dry out (in their temperature- and humidity-controlled air conditioned room). It is intellectually dishonest.
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