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[quote]the entire idea of abstract art (or at least a lot of it) is that it’s heavily open to interpretation. if someone derives meaning from it, that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. obviously in this case there is no correct interpretation so let people take what they want from it.[/quote]

I don't think that's why people have problem with snooty artists. The reason people (at least me) have a problem with snooty artists is because of their tendancy to say/suggest/have an attitude that only artsy fartsy people can create abstract art or get meaning from it.
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Copyright on the film "It's a Wonderful Life" lapsed in 1974 due to clerical errors, effectivly allowing the film's images to enter the Public Domain. Unfortunately the film as a complete work cannot be distributed freely, since it is a derivitive work of a published story ("The Greatest Gift") which did have it's copyright propperly renewed.
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