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so sad that these ppl give into the bullies, which demand everyone be like them...instead of standing against them.... also, terrible to give up one's heritage. society is becoming a cookie cutter one where no one person has a unigue image.... UGH talk about sick
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hmmmm me wonders if this might be the missing link some ppl are seeking? not between ape and man, but showing the evolution between bird and mammal? pretty awesome critter no matter. thanks
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terribly sad. we have one lady in our town who has one of these, she was known to be mentally/emotionally unsstable before the doll came on the scene. I watched a program from england regarding these dolls and all the women were middle aged or older, perhaps a clue. If my mother began this behaviour I would be deeply concerned. they don't think they are hurting anyone, but I would suggest they are depriving their family and community of the very emotions they place upon the doll, instead of other humans or real life that needs that love, attention, and care. I would rather see these women put their caring to the elderly, or animal shelters, other ppl in need, instead of some doll. i see this as emotionally disturbed ppl in need of some guidance. terribly sad
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