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Let me get what your saying straight.

1) People who commit crimes are not guilty if
a) The crime was unsuccessful and unprofitable.
b) The person who commited the crime is poor.
c) It is the first time the person has commited this crime.

2) People who commit crimes , should not be punished in any way by the people they try to prey upon. People who are attacked (even by E mail fraud) have no right to retaliate and cause harm to those attacking.

I understand that you are extremely naive and unexperienced. You believe that people who commit crimes aren't bad just misunderstood. You also think that the world has some kind of formal order and international law and universal judgement. These people commit international crimes that our society has no way of prosecuting- so they go unpunished. There is no real international court of justice to file a complaint to against these anonymous theives.

So yes I have the right to retaliate and cause harm to people trying to steal my money through fraud. I need to make sure my retaliation is proportional and just.

1) Just - because I know the person I am targeting sent me the first E mail trying to scam me. Scamming people is against the law in most of the world. Meaning that the person sending me the mail is a criminal.

2) Proportionate - Making someone spend many hours copying a book sounds like a decent punishment for fraud (If the scammer were American and were to be caught he would spend a few months in prison , which is even worse than writing Harry Potter. Ted wouldn't want to be in prison either so maybe we shouldn't put criminals there at all).

Anyways in a social structure - A society has the right to find a means to protect itself. This is an interesting way the international community has found a way to protect itself from these 419 conmen.
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