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Lincoln's second election was one of the sneakiest. He manipulated the laws to bend the vote in his favor, grossly.

He also was a typical bigot of the times. Yes, he abhorred slavery but thought the blacks were inferior to whites and did think it best if they left the US. He supported re-location and in fact help setup a black colony on island in S. Carolina. It was ill conceived, no support after the fact, and was a miserable failure.

I thought it was a sham that Obama had a celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. I guess he does not know his history or simply used it knowing that 99% of the US believe in the myth. BTW, I voted for Obama.

Lincoln kept the country together but the war he unwisely nudged forward at Sumpter. He had people jailed without trial or charges, suspended habeas corpus, and generally walked all over the constitution.

So sorry Lincoln fans, he was just another political hack.
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