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the scarf does rule in thought though giants will never rule you crazy chick. i really worry that when you wear the scarf you will no longer able to tell what it is. wrap it, wrap it now what is it... a blood soaked bandage? that dude might be on to something. giant girl is on to nothing. IN other bacon news, it tases really good. I just learned today that a center cut of bacon was when they cut the ends off of bacon where the most fat was. I thought it was closer to the center and maybe better meat, but apparently not. It is just a trimmed piece of bacon. I wonder if maybe this scarf is a center cut piece. I also heard that packaged bacon contains carcinogens while its fresh deli counterpart is not as bad for you. Also, my mother used to cook bacon to the point where it turned into powder. Is anyone here into that type of bacon? (could you imagine using bacon powder on you babys instead of baby powder? wow deep toughts)I am not; my mother is a terrible cook. She is sweet though. She bakes pretty good though. I recently had a conversation (this night) about a theory that either you are good at baking or cooking but not both. God I love bacon and it is so fun to write on a bacon forum.
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