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I think the point of it was picking the nuggets out with your hand Geekazoidd. You could still say its dangerious, but so it picking up a normal cup tbh.
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Greets all,

I'm Ian, a 19 chef from the UK. I came across this website when I randomly came across the cellar, and noticed the collaboration days where you both posted the same thing.

I've since got a few friends and my girlfriend addicted to this website, and its often amazing posts. :]
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@ Alex - "Not with drugs. Because they’re addictive, supply will create demand."

You've got to have demand in the first place.

Also, pot isn't psychedelic, as that would make it hallucinogenic. As for it being a 'gateway' drug, it depends on the person who knows the conciquence of their actions.

I assume you don't take drugs?
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