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Thomas Alva Edison is the greatest inventor of all time.
If he stole all of his inventions, how many times was he arrested/jailed?
Nobody knows who testicle-la is, because he is a nobody.
Ask any one, who was the inventor of the light bulb? answer
Ask any one who invented the spiral bulb or led,
answer Edison, and he was dead.
E=mc2, the E stands for Edison.
If gates is like Edison then Edison also invented Gates.
When someone gets a good idea a light bulb appears over their head, thank you Thomas.
If Edison were alive today he would not be dead.
Edison should get royalties from the band AC/DC.
Why did Edison cross the street?
Because it was night and his light's were across the street and he could see.
How many Edisons does it take to screw in a light bulb?
One! because he invented it.
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