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I don't think that's what he was saying exactly, Jill. Yes it was blunt and off-base in parts, but he made some valid points. You may not agree with his opinion, but your best response would have been a less personal attack.

Whenever anyone dresses up in costume, they are doing it for some sort of attention, whether it's for the sake of a few friends, or an anonymous crowd. I don't think anyone said the sole reason for women to dress that way is for sexual attention, but you can't tell me that none do. Men do it, too. I knew a man who dressed up as a woman for attention, both sexual and non-sexual. There's variety for you.

Maybe the question to ask is "Why are your heroines scantily-clad women?"
Why is "sexy nurse" a more popular costume choice than "nurse" at Halloween?
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She may be spoiled, entitled, and even bigoted, but she is right about the game. I'm involved in the admissions process, and I have seen first hand that in the most competitive schools the process is not about finding the right individual, it is not about finding the best student or the best person, it is not even about getting the most money. It is about getting the right statistical student body, with the right number of minorities, the right test scores, and the right amount of student aid. It is about showing the admissions officers that you care about the politically correct issues of the day, or at least care about their opinions enough to fake that you do. It's about spending four years to create a persona that one can abandon the moment s/he gets in, or let's hope that s/he has the guts to abandon it because the persona required often produces the self-righteous prigs that are in many of the posts above.
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Try not to dismiss me as a troll, when I say I have some sympathy for her. If she had applied to any of the Ivy League universities when I was going to college, her credentials would have assured her acceptance at all of them.

The problem is that they're not building any more such universities, despite screaming demand. She's not rich, or 'disadvantaged', and she refused (notice I didn't say "failed", her letter suggests she knew how the game was played) to pad her resume. What the admissions process says to students like Suzy is that she's middle class white bread, and that such students have nothing of value to add to their image of a 'diverse' campus. (College marketers and headhunters are using such imagery as a recruitment tool!)
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Then there are the people who got injured while in the military, but decided to "self-treat" or "walk it off" instead of getting medical attention. Because no visit to sick call is listed in your medical records, you cannot claim disability for it later if that old injury results in permanent bad issues. Today's vets are apparently getting smarter, and now go to sick call for anything and everything, just to get it documented.
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Baseball players, like any other professional athlete, are entertainers their job is to put fans in seats, eyes on the TV and to sell merchandise. The attendance of baseball games league wide has been increasing year over year, TV ratings have been increasing as well and merchandise has been seeing a very steady increase. At least for baseball players the steady rise in salaries appears to be justified.

Since when has any job salary been linked to the benefit they provide to society?
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The premise is flawed. Value is determined by financial compensation supplied in a free market. People in these professions are paid what they are paid because that's what they can persuade employers is the value of their services.

Baseball, football and basketball players aren't overpaid. The work in an extremely competitive field organized around companies that value the financial return of their services so highly that they're willing to fork over sums of money sufficiently high to secure those services. If a team could replace a $5 million player with a $100,000 player, it would. It doesn't because another team is willing to pay that player $5 million for his services.

Occasionally I hear librarians say that our profession is underpaid considering the skills that we have to offer. I respond, "Then go into the private sector and offer your skills to the highest bidder. See what kind of price you can command." They don't.
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The visceral hatred expressed in comments like SquidCap's make me laugh, and it tells me Rand must've been right on. What's scary is seeing so many of the outlandish leftist ideas portrayed in the book coming true today.
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