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I agree with JoeD!

Miss Cellania, I loved your Flapper photos on Mental Floss!

You do great work, I am very lucky you do such excellent work on my articles for Neatorama!!
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Fair points, Spocker. All valid points.

I definitely see that side of it too.

I wonder what the actual percentage is of Gilligan ruining the others' chances of a rescue.
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Hi ClubMix,
I understand your viewpoint and this is undoubtedly what happened: I have been writing a daily mailout to list of about 200 of my close friends and pals six days a week for over ten years now. I submit my articles from these intimate mailouts regularly to the Neatorama website, as well as a few other ones. I am sure I must have seen the article on that other website and used their basic theme and three of their events. I am always browsing the web for ideas. I did make many changes to it, a great majority was changed, but there are three points the same. Neither Neatorama or Miss Cellania had anything to do with this "using another's theme or items". Miss Cellania helps me tremendously, however, in the form of editing, making corrections, rearranging, retyping and dressing up everything I write. I hope you understand that it is very hard to come up with 100% completely original stuff every time. A great majority of the points were original. My sincere apologies if I used three items from the other website. Have a great weekend, Eddie Deezen
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Thank you for the kind words, Dr. Chocolatex and anonymous coward.

Your words are much appreciated.

And huh, you make a good catch and I swear, I tried and tried to research Joseph Jr., and I couldn't find any mentions of his later life anywhere!

I too wonder what happened to him?????
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Thanks for the wonderful photos you found for this article, Miss Cellania!

That second photograph, the one of John Lennon riding on that flat bed truck, is actually a very historic photo.

That is John Lennon being driven to that very first singing gig-the day he met Paul McCartney.
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As a kid, The Monkees was my favorite TV show.

Davy seemed like a great guy and all the girls in school had a crush on him, I even remember the rabbi's daughter had a crush on him.

Good luck on your journey, Davy.

Thanks for all the fun and happiness you brought into my life.
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Hi dendoica, I have absolutely no idea what you mean in your comment.

I am definitely not an expert on Frank Zappa.

I did a voice-over gig once with Dweezel and I also did one with Moon Unit, his kids, they were both great.

But I thought Frank Zappa was a singer.

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I got 20!

I can't believe I missed Johny Unitas.

And how can anyone possibly hate Miss Cellania????

She is one of the nicest, most good-hearted, friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to have known.

All of us who know her love her!!
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HI absinthetic,

You are correct. I reasearched Jon Lovitz as having done 7 characters on The Simpsons". That seems to be the record. My bad. I apologize- sorry about my error.

Wishing you & all the Neatorama readers a Happy Holiday season!
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My first ever crush. Oh was I GaGa over her when I was a kid. Later, when I became a man, I switched over to Ginger (Tina Louise) Both were such knockouts! Mary Ann was "the sweet girl". Ginger was "The Vamp".
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anonymous coward, you are very welcome about "Wargames". A fun movie to film, I was driven to the set with Matthew Broderick, it was his first film.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!
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