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Reminds my of my cats, one of them has found that if you tap the metal venetian bind against the window it makes a perfectly horrible noise. Great for getting up people that want to sleep in on the weekend.
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While I don't think that the world will end, I still watched it. But this show kinda pissed me off. It really showed the wacky end of the survivalist spectrum. Like the fort made out of shipping containers and glanced over the small windmills the guy had built to power the joint. That was the part I wanted to learn about! Green energy and sustainability! But I suppose that was the point, the ratings are in the weirdness factor.
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I wish they would ban it in the USA. But like most things we lag behind, and the the general knowledge out there about this practice is appalling.

Azog - glad you convinced you mother. A stray cat I took in had kittens and I gave one to my Mother-in law under the understanding that she wouldn't do that. She had it done anyway. I was in a fury, and congratulated her on mutilating her cat.

Just because you "own" a cat it doesn't mean that you get to cause it pain for the rest of it's life.
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I still have high hopes for this movie even though the released plot synopsis sounds nothing like the book and it is going to be rated PG-13. I guess I will have to wait for a trailer to see if I really want to see it. Its just strange to me that there was a bidding war to make this into a movie and then they go and change everything about the book that people loved.
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CS99 i was about to ask the same question. If it's a real snake that you plane on eating wouldn't you want to wrap it in butcher paper. Is it a toy for a a joke? So many questions.
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