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I can't believe that an egg omelet costs $1.10. That's one heck of a big omelet! Around here, that much money will buy almost a dozen eggs.

It's misleading, 'cause eggs are a wonderful and cheap source of protein.

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I kinda liked Larfin Jackarse's comment, and I also would understand why he/she thought it might get deleted. And it does hold a grain of truth.

I really hate to post political opinions on Neatorama, which is a lighthearted forum. But, Larfin has a point: parodying Christians who preach coming of the Messiah is considered a joke, but parodying Jews who preach the coming of the Messiah is considered antisemitism (unless the parodist is a Jew, in which case it will be considered self-loathing).

Heck, even criticizing the policies of the government of Israel (which is not a religious entity) will lead to loud cries of antisemitism. Just try it on any online forum and you'll see the result.

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A while ago I heard an interesting comment on the radio. The commentator pointed out that, back in the 1950s and 1960s, in Europe, Japan and Canada, the governments persuaded large companies to accept national health insurance paid through higher taxes. I think the U.S. auto makers might have had a similar choice put before them, but they turned it down to avoid higher taxes.

The interesting effect of that choice is that, in those countries, the auto makers don't pay for their employees' medical costs. In the USA, one of GM's largest extra costs is company-financed medical costs. With tax-funded medical care, GM might be more competitive.

The moral: socialism is good for business.

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The theory that Vikings suffered from a shortage of women reminded me of a story I just read in the Boston Globe. It talks about how archeologists are currently finding evidence that vindicates Heinrich Schliemann. He thought that the modern-day hill of Hisarlik in Turkey was the ruins of the ancient city of Troy from Homer's Illiad. His theory was thought to have been discredited, but more recently cuneiform tables written in Hittite have been unearthed at the site. They date from a layer with evidence of pillaging and burning, and they mention invaders with names very close to Homer's Achaeans. On the fourth page of the article:

The journalist reports that probably Homer's Greeks came to Troy to steal women. Greek noblemen had large harems, which created a shortage of women ad left ordinary Greeks without wives, motivating them to raid other cities to rape and steal their women.
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