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Much of what they are doing in Arizona is simply heinous. There is a multitude of highly toxic elements such as hormone disrupting pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and chemical species that are often not removed from waste as filters are in a constant state of degradation and replacements extremely costly.

Any trust in their snows quality becoming a fully subjective matter and that matters because what they are doing ends up in our shared ecosystem.
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Congratulations! While that is nice and all, the fact that these services exist make it (facebook) all rather silly:
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I never had a problem with tippers labeling of music. movies are rated and no, the ratings are not censorship, they are simply ratings.

It is tantamount to requiring foodstuff manufacturers with putting ingredient labels on their goods. Only a snakeoil salesman would call that censorship.

Again, it is not censorship, no matter what some tweaked out gore hater wants you to think, hence the reason zappa adored gore.
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I prefer our paper money and question the polymers ingredients: are they made using their highly injurious tar sands? They say they are "greener" because they can be recycled even though paper is also recycled.
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I love this idea but I think it would be better to keep the licorice root in my mouth and a standard pencil on the paper. Merging the two like this could be dangerous.
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