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That photographer ought to be fired. He went to help her not take photos. The promoter must be a bitch because the tail end models would have seen her go down but none of them went to help her.

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55 m.p.h??? I find that difficult to believe. Think of how fragile moths are and the amount of stress the moth would be under to go that fast. It would explain why though they make such a mess when they hit your windscreen. 80mp car speed plus 55mp moth speed gives an impact of 135mp, very messy :)

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All very nice to mount a base on a vehicle. You have to consider the benefits of a mobile base versus the resources needed to get the base to the moon in the first place. It cost enormous amounts of $$$ for every singe kilogram that is landed on the moon.

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Hey Joe, Who says laser beams can't be seen. I have a laser from Dragonlasers who sell really powerful green lasers and the beam is clearly visible in the light.
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