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My concerns do not necessarily pertain to the creation of the Black Hole itself... as said previously, miniature black-holes are common practice around our Atmosphere...

What does scare the living crap out of me is the fact that we have never dealt with conditions similiar to these... after all, the heat generated will be 100 00 times hotter than the core of the sun... even at temperatures close to 1.9 degrees Kelvin, (which is how much this unit will be cooled)... I don't think we can honestly say that it's "safe" to create these conditions. I am all for scientific progress, but I'm sure that's the same way Einstein felt when he split the Atom the first time... but then again, all that did was cause devastation on a global scale (and give us a whole new range of weapons and other uncontrollable conditions to be afraid of)...

Just a thought...
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