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I am reminded of Kafka, but I don't know why.

I do like this clock. I think it's because I get the sense of about what time it is instead of the exact time. Since the arrival of the digital display I feel inundated with the obsession to know the exact time. I feel a sense of freedom when I go through my day without caring what time it is. This clock would help me keep that feeling while providing a gentler and sometimes necessary reminder of the time of day.

For instance:

It's about four.

and not

"At the sound of the tone it is exactly four thirteen."
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The guy in the ad reminds me of Curly Howard. Of course when curly put on glasses they were usually coke bottle lenses.

I think the motto "The clothes make the man" could easily be adapted to "The glasses make the person".
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You would think that someone would have thought to pull a Three Stooges and grab the guy and use him as the battering ram. My guess is that the cameraman was on the phone with the people in the house and, just the right moment, said, "okay, now unlock the door!"
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I have read Grok's comment several times and I frankly do not see where Grok is holding Western culture over any other culture (Eastern, Mid-Eastern, African, Antartic, etc.). I do read where Grok is of the Western culture, that's obvious.

I also read where wtf is sensitive to criticism from anyone from a Western culture. I would suggest that wtf save their indignation for the 8 year old girl. I see that what was done to her by her family and the 28 year old man who married her (i.e. physical/sexual abuse and the mental afteraffects of the same) to be far more serious than Grok stating their opinion. Let me say again, Grok was stating their opinion on the issue of the posted article. I cannot say that wtf's comments had anything to do with the posted article unless wtf is one of the abusers spoken about in the article.
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