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You can see the trail of a boat in the path between the surfer and the shar. So most likely, the "shark" is tied to a boat and they just shoot it such that you never see the boat.
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Here's the article for those that are interested:

Also, the title should more go like this:
"First Ever Complete Implementation of Shor's Algorithm"
or something in that direction. In fact I'm not even sure that is true but the paper is neat, check it out.
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Actually this is pretty common. Cafés where you can pay hourly for playing with cats or dogs or take dogs for a walk etc. One of the more innocent things you can pay hourly for in Japan...
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I don't really see your point here. The attack was designed as a surprise attack and it would be pointless to send the warning in advance. Since there was radio silence between the attack force and the government I'm assuming it was just a matter of ill logistics that it arrived a bit later than intended.

So what is it that actually bothers you?
Surely it's not the fact that they attacked a military target without a warning that give ample time for the US military to respond, since this is quite allowed by the Hague convention.
So if it's just the wording, then sneak implies that they crept up on pearl harbour which they indeed did. However, since there were no indication that they were about to attack in due time (ignoring conspiracy theories) then a surprise attack is far more suitable. However, if you don't feel comfortable with any of them, you can try to say that it was a coup de main which might be much more appropriate.
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" The rift caused by the fiasco survives to the modern day in Islam’s two largest sects."

Using the word "sect" is hardly the best way to describe the two largest denomination of Islam...
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I seriously doubt this will be feasible in a macroscale. Quantum Mechanical effects are in general not possible to replicate in a macroscale. Altough as they do point out, with further research it might turn out to be useful for something.

In the meantime, I'm holding on to my skateboard with wheels...
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I think it's a concave surface on the top to fit on the eye, with the extension on the back to partially block the eyelids from closing and to fit the light. With this mechanism you'll maybe be able to keep your victim from sleeping (due to the intense light) and ultimately dry out the eyes leading to permanent damage of the eyes.

see? that wasn't so hard.
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