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Not wishing to blow too much smoke up your arse, but my suggestion is to leave it as it is. You can always find ways to improve things, make them faster, glitzier, and so on, but one of the beutifull things about this site is its simplicity. It does exactly what it says on the tin, you bring us stories that range from everyday weird to completely off this planet in a format thats direct and to the point.
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This is about the third website that i have seen quoting this study and yet not one of the articles seem to have made the connection between the fact that the sprawling neighbouhoods would be populated by a different socio-economic group than the one populating the more densly populated neighbourhoods. To my mind this would mean that the study is relating to old news - the only thing that this study is showing is that the less well educated people that have lower incomes live in more densly populated areas and have a poorer diet!!

Is this actually anything that we dont know already???
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Dear oh dear

Expand your minds guys - the best thing about this site is that it carrys a selection of posts on different topics - things that you might not be aware of otherwise...

On a personal note i think that it is quite "neat" that somebody is bringing it to my attention that the influential members of our global society are trying to write history in such a way that would lead future generations to beleive that the west had little or nothing to do with the decimation of a country not to mention some of the atrocious acts that have been carried out in the name of our society - it has to be said that there was nothing "civil" about the leveling of Felluga by the allied troops....

heres a suggestion for all of you whiners out there - why dont you log onto the tomy website for some light entertainment!!!

Keep going Alex your doing a fine job.
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