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@Parker I just checked out the RJ archives with a search for her. The second story: Her lawyer in a civil suit (Former workers for her suing her for defamation) has dropped her case... because she refuses to pay him.

Yeah, I agree that it seems anyone's getting to be a judge lately.
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Parker- Check the Las Vegas Sun, or Las Vegas Review Journal, they have plenty of articles on this judge's misconduct. She's *still* fighting case from San Francisco where the courts there ordered her to pay up for land she owns, but since she's decided she's a judge too, she shouldn't need to pay it, so simply refuses to pay. She's also had her private guards smuggle in weapons past security checkpoints, repeatedly stopped trials for any reason she felt like...

Heck, I can't even remember the whole list. It's been a running joke in Vegas for awhile ever since she was kicked off the bench and so many of these little things came to light.
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Yikes... being a longtime reader of Neatorama, the last thing you expect is to see an article with your name on it. An article with your exact name on it. Well, nice to know I was named after a crossdressing surgeon, especially as I go on to get my Ph.D.
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