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We’re always doing things supposedly for all the right reason’s and assuming the others need to be brought up to speed with the 20th century.

There in itself lies the problem as we can barely fix many of our own problems with corruption at every turn even within our government or our own judicial system let alone our religious and even relief institutions where everything we create albeit with good intent becomes pervasively filled with or undermined by our own greed and corruption.

That being said why even bother to contact these people?,.. so that we can do the same and just ruin them as we have done with our own society?

Modernism is a persuasive evil deeply rooted in corruption and falsehood and frankly these people are better off without it.

Hell, im eventually gathering as much loot to get everything needed so i can disappear myself and live similarly though "NO" not by contacting them or any one else and instead by living on my own and hunting to survive while living in peace the way it was supposed to be.

Being able to watch tv and buy a gallon of milk at a convenience store while paying for everything in some way shape or form isn’t really a convenience at all as it is instead the very blueprint for entrapment and slavery by which multitudes are controlled and used to finance those who are really in power while unwitting consumers are kept pacified with the latest gadgets and scraps.

Thanks but no thanks.. theres only one true way of living off the grid and thats by no longer continuing to keep those in power in power by paying taxes and continuing to fund their corruption as instead it is in living cleanly and free the way it should have been and is supposed to be.

The fact that these tribes and many like it are still in existence is a testament to their method of living free from the corruption of power and greed, they should left alone and i can barely wait till im ready to live similarly leaving the rest so far far behind with all their modern gadgets and bobbles while the government and institutions continuing raping their raping under the guise of freedom and independence (what a crock and to think many of us are born into this scam when slavery never ended)..

again thanks but NO THANKS.
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