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Too many years ago, I used to run across an informercial for the Super-Slicer. I think the major cash outlay was for the items to be sliced. The demonstrator was a man with strong new Jersey/New York type accent. For 30 minutes he demonstrated how to slice things and arrange the slices attractively on a plate. That was basically like a spread deck of cards. Little variation. As a bonus (!)the buyer would get a plastic tool to slice into things like radishes or oranges; it would also peel them. These could then be used to garnish a platter.

I used to catch this now and then, very late on Saturday nights. Kept waiting for Gallagher to show up with the Sledgomatic and Patented Pans. It was that cheesy.
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It was wonderful to see the Wilkins Coffee and Esskay ads again. I'm from Baltimore and have vague memories of them. My mother said that I used to watch Kermit do the weather segment on WTTG, an even vaguer memory.
It's hard to believe that I've been a Muppet fan for over 50 years.
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