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Interesting. The article in the link discusses Lt. Saavik's heritage as being half-Vulcan/half-Romulan, which acounts for some slight emotion shown during the funeral of Spock on her behalf. It also raises the rumour that she totally boned Kirk's son David before he died in ST III. If i recall, there was also talk about Saavik being pregnant in ST IV, hence the reason she didn't accompany the crew for The Voyage Home, though that wasn't explained in the movie. I'd always thought she got knocked up by a young, brainless Spock on the Genesis Planet while he was going through an accelerated Pon Farr with her. Now I'm wondering is she didn't get te big belly from David?
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Eddie said: "Note: interestingly, the myth that “Gilligan kept spoiling the others’ chance of rescue” is a bit of an urban legend. Of the 10 failed rescue attempts below, only the last one is directly caused by Gilligan -as we shall see."

I can think of numerous instances of Gilligan ruining their chances of rescue that would justify the myth:

1. In the second or third episode (after the unsyndicated pilot), Gilligan goes fishing on the beach while the Skipper and the Professor try to get the two-way radio working. When they finally do, Gilligan hooks the line to the radio as he casts and the radio gets lost at sea.

2. Somehow, they are able to build a giant mirror to signal a passing plane, but Gilligan tarzans his way right into it, shattering it to a millon pieces.

3. A Bond-type jetpack lands on the island, but Gilligans takes a crazy ride and exhausts all the fuel. Also, loses jetpack.

4. Gilligan eats the Professor's phosphorous dye marker concoction, intended to signal ships, passing planes.

5. Breaks lens off Nasa's Mars probe and then trips over and disconnects probe.

6. Breaks cosmonaut's radio.

7. Though Gilligan turns hinself into a radio trasmitter with a jarred tooth, he knocks the tooth back into place a ruins the reception, just whenit was needed.

8. A trans-continental telephone washes ashore and the Professor makeshifts a telephone with color-coded vines, but Gilligans wrecks it.

9. The castaways find a robot that they intend to use to carry a message back to civilization, but Gilligan puts his lucky rabbit's foot inside and ruins the message.

10. As sheriff, locks castaways up before they can set up phospherous rocks that could lead to rescue.

I'm sure that there are others, but you see what I'm getting at. To Gilligan's credit, there were other instances where other castaways can be blamed for botched rescures.
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RE: 7 of 9 being Voyager's "Spock".

I thought Lt. Tuvok, being a Vulcan, a full-blodded Vulcan, mind you, albeit a black one(??), served as the series Spock.
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Lizzy: So the BBC had a problem with Coca Cola being name checked in a Kinks song, but when John Lennon puts it in the lyrics to "Come Together," it's okay?

I don't think Lennon was referring to the soft drink when he sang an obvious drug reference to cocaine.
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