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John McCain (with Mark Salter) has four published books. Obama has two. (Obama's "Dreams from My Father" was written in 1995, quite a while before Obama was recognized outside of his Chicago neighborhood.)

Obama is the real deal. McCain is ghostwritten. I am very happy we have a choice.
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Perhaps the opposite of this is Central Pain Syndrome, which occurs after a brain injury, tumor or a stroke affects the thalamus or brainstem. Sufferers feel incredible pain, described as an aching burning cold, a "pins and needles" or a crushing sensation, on the side of their body affected by the brain injury. Opiates and analgesics can do nothing to alleviate it.

It is related to Phantom Limb Syndrome in that the unremitting pain feels as if it is the product of some injury occurring to the limb, but is actually the result of neurological dysfunction.

Presently incurable, suicide is a common cause of death among its sufferers.
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Has no one here seen "Carnal Knowledge"? Jonathan has a slide show near the close of the movie where he shows his guests photos of all the women he's had sex with. I agree with Kaela - they are initials of the women. None of them look terribly pleased about the event, though some of them do look rather ... knowing.
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That is horrible. Just horrible.

Yet it is Art, because it makes us look beyond the immediate reaction and find some other idea - perhaps the artist's, perhaps our own original insight.

So remember - even when it is a Vuitton, that leather purse is just a bag made of skin. Skin that an animal was killed for.
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Trace their ISP. ID the user. Arrest them for assault.

Knowing the way legislation has been written this decade, they can probably be arrested as terrorists.
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I loved this story because I've had root beer kegs at my parties. You can order them at a Stewart's Root Beer Stand. It's such a wonderful summer drink, and the keg makes it memorable.
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I'd love to see a show like that is the US. We would start with "Saddam had weapons of mass destruction" and "Iran is helping Al Qaeda." We could move on to "Most Black people get welfare" and "Most welfare goes to Black people." Then something like "Tax cuts for the wealthy bring prosperity to all" and "Universal healthcare is a socialist failure."

Have Steven Colbert host it. He knows that facts have a well-known Liberal bias.
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