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Most people do have one OCD. It is SEX and BEAUTY.

Think about how much they are pushed into our faces every day.

Think About how frequently we think about one or the other during the day.
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This is one of the best posts you've ever done.

Emailed it to several older relatives - who often spoke about the very early computer firms and what became of them

For you next post, uncover the mystery of the Altair - it is what got Bill Gates excited.

Also Gary Kildare, the original Bill Gates
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Sometimes teachers balked, as when Mr. Waronker asked them to take to rooftops with walkie-talkies before Halloween in 2006. He wanted to avoid a repetition of the previous year’s troubles, when students had been pelted with potatoes and frozen eggs.

What is so sad is that they could not get the Police to monitor that roof - why should those teachers have to be Security Guards?!
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Nowadays - every mistake you make can haunt for years and years in this Web 2.0 world.

Miss USA slipping during the Miss Universe Pageant, is now one of the all time top YouTube videos
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Their legal fees are in the tens of thousands - there is also something wrong with U.S.Lawyers fees when a case that gets thrown out can cost so much, imagine if it had gone to trial how much more it would have cost?
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