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Good for him for doing what he loves in the way that he wants.
He's a very good guitarist and deserves it. The songs aren't that bad. I'd rather listen to that than the talentless AKB48.
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I sometime design web apps for the provincial government (I'm Canadian, not from the 18th century) which still uses IE7 (Then again maybe it is the 18th century!) and it pisses me off everytime. I cannot believe that they can't upgrade something as basic AND free.
That tax is welcome and I hope more will follow their example.
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I wish it was that easy for women to undertake that kind of trip.
I would very much like to walk out with my gear and never (or very later) come back. Unfortunately women are the gatherers. We stay at home and make it cozy for the Man when He comes back.
Being on the road, I would have to deal with menstruation, ostracism, discrimination, the risk of multiple rape and the ensuing probable pregnancy...
Equality of the sexes is an utopia. We women will never get to experience the world as Men have decided it should be.
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Black ink is easily removed. The problem is with very colorful tattoos. Red, pink, purple may necessitate several runs of laser treatment. That is when it gets expensive. Me, I just live with my tramp stamp :p
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I learned on a typewriter and I used Lettraset stencils when I first started in the biz. In french speaking colleges, in graphic design and typography, we learn to use 1 space. (They still teach the one space, its on the 2011 edition of my french typo guide book)
The 2 space is for secretaries:p Nothing against them, I just hat having to remove all those extra space every time I receive text for work.
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These don't look that good. I understand Jamie Oliver's initiative better now.
I never had lunch at school. My school was very small and back then it didn't even have a cafeteria. I walked back home to have lunch with my grand-parents and in junior&high my mom would pack my lunch.
I'm happy I didn't have to eat some of this stuff. I intend to pack my kids lunches everyday. It's part of being a parent and the responsibility of healthy eating should not be passed on to the state.
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That was so sweet... I was having a bad day of non-inspiration (I'm a graphic designer) and after a gazillion portfolios sent it seemed like no one wanted to hire me.
Then I watched this animation, smiled and the phone rang.
I start Monday!
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That's very sweet! She obviously has respect for the people she worked with.
I wish I could have dumped my old job without bitter memories.
I guess going from corporate banking to web design doesn't leave much of a buffer zone.
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I went back to College and met some young people who didn't believe me when I told them that there was no internet in my high school when I was there (Class of '92) and didn't know when World War 2 had occured (One of them said "In the 70s, whith the hippies in China")

Since then nothing can surprise me.

Humanity is doomed.
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The kind of wedding pic I want... without the Hammer pant, the Nerds and the Fat Lady (I didn't meant it to be offensive but she has a Valkyrie vibe.)
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