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Same goes for the Piazza of Saint Peter's Basilica. Elliptical shape. Two focus points where the three or four rows of columns line up to look like only one.
However, when I was last in Rome, I thought of visiting St. Ignatius on the way back from the Borghese Gallery but didn't Now I regret that.
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Oil/grease fires are some of the worst. Can’t dump water to put it out. Need a dry chemical extinguisher to put it out and then cool the mess down to insure against a reflash. Put water on the oil first and you risk a splatter explosion spraying burning oil everywhere.
Tally ho!
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If it's instant ramen, absolutely. If you got it from a good ramen restaurant, you're gonna get more than just noodles in broth. The last one I had came with bean sprouts, a thin slice of pork belly, mushrooms, soft boiled egg, and other things.
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Storage closet? The place where you "keep things"? You have your linen closet, your bedroom closet, your coat closet by the front door, and then there's the "things" closet. Some folks only need a drawer, some have a closet, while others need a WHOLE room.
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If the iPhone didn't have a way to screen out call from people not on your contact list, I would get one of these to harass phone solicitors. "Excuse me, I'll be right back..."
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Back in the 1990s, I stuck with Times New Roman just for the serifs. Some fine art printers once told me that serif fonts were easier to read. It had to do with the serifs at the top and bottom of a letter guiding the eye along to the next. Anything that made my papers easier for my professors to read seemed like a good idea.
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Veggie and meat scraps are best used for making soup stock. Bones should be frozen and collected for making into bone broth. Cover the bones in water and a good splash of vinegar and boil. Once a boil is reached, turn it down and simmer for a several hours. Bones should be soft and somewhat crumbly. You could also break the bones before starting the broth. When done, strain the bones out in a sieve. Then cool the stock in a bath of cold water. Gotta get under 140 degrees as quick as possible. Once cool, freeze the broth for later use. This stuff is like gold!
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