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ate rattle snake and anything else we could find on a climbing excursion back in the 70's after we ran out of food, i was only 15 at the time, all was good.
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this is a clear difference between climbers and paraglider types, not knowing these folks i can only make assumptions, but i would never climb with someone who didn't pay attention to everything..mistakes happen, but if its on something important, that is not acceptable. hope they pay attention the next time...
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i have been living gluten free since 1989, and sick for a long time before that, the more exposer we get the more we can eat in time, it is so much better now than 20 yrs ago trying and getting food to eat... all the info is not ever exact, but always welcome...thanks.

fairbanks alaska
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just curious, why "In such extremely low temperatures, it is much easier to leave structures and possessions behind than to take them with you when you leave." i'm not sure how temps apply to leaving stuff, have fun.
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