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Fascinating article about one of the best movies of all time - especially appropriate to feature a movie about a psychopath given today's news...
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Holes were The Professor's weakness:

Holes in the Minnow, holes in the plots...

Actually, The Professor was no dummy - if I was stranded on an island with Ginger and Mary Ann, I'd be in no hurry to leave either - even if it meant missing the hustle and bustle of the library on a Saturday night.
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Mickey Mouse was, at one time, much less bland than he is today. The he became a "Public Figure" of sorts, and like many public figures, he became a cipher.
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The Stooges were short (Moe & Larry were barely 5'4", Curly was 5'5", Shemp was 5'6"), and taller actors and actresses wer often employed for comic effect:
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I am not a big basketball fan - that said, Wilt's 100-point game has got to be among the greatest single-game achievements in any professional sport. Great work, Eddie!
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I love Eddie's articles - because of his experience in show biz, he seems to bring an intimate knowledge of the subject matter to these articles - that seems especially true with this one.

Keep 'em coming!!
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The U.S. Army's hands were very dirty in this entire matter - any "official" accounts of JWB's death should be viewed with much skepticism They hanged Mary Surratt even though they knew she was guilty of nothing more than supporting the Confederacy. Joe Holt was a jackass, worse than any man or woman he ever judged.

Of course, these sham trials were nothing compared to the sham trials at Nuremberg 80 years later.
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