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I've been here. "2 square miles of rocks and goats", while technically true, does not do the place justice. It's massive, impressive and the spaghetti vongole at the restaurant is probably the best I ever had....
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So why don't the other two do exactly the same? They'd know too after _not_ hearing themselves speak. Am I missing something?
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I´m not a fan of playing bass with pick, but this is awesome.
An incredible achievement, well done. This line by Muse is always chosen as ´the best bass line ever´ and while my personal tastes are quite different, this is impressive. Very cool machine.
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My kids got these as a present. They suck ! They ended up in the closet after 2 tries. There they take up enormous amounts of space. They are now in a dump somewhere. What a waste of perfectly good plastic!
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Ooo that reminds me of the infamous ´Bami Ham Kaas´ which is Noodles but with Ham and Cheese, pressed into a brick shape, breaded and deepfried. You eat it out of an Automatiek. Google that last one. :)
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There´s a bar I go to sometimes that has this.
The waiters never pay attention and by the time they enter your order the prices have gone up.

When there´s a crash, there´s not enough waiters to take orders.

And then. Price on Fosters may drop to below zero, there´s no way I´m buying that stuff.
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I always used spent tires where I´d remove the steel rings. So basically double tires. The extra rolling resistance is really noticable though, can´t really recommend it.

I´m using Schwalbe Marathon now and rarely ever have a puncture. Daily use & loads of glass on the streets....those things pay for themselves.
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Sample preparation will be another challenge all by itself....you can´t just go and stick stuff in there you know.
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How about colours ?

When does mauve start to be purple, where is the exact boundary between Antracite & dark grey ?

Unsolved, unsolved, I can´t sleep now....
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