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I saw an interview where one of the architects of the towers said they were designed to withstand 10 plane crashes.The Empire State Building did not come close to this level of failure.Look at the impact over and over again if need be,you see those GREAT BALLS OF FIRE,there goes all your jet fuel burning up in open air outside of the towers.Some other entity made those fires burn hotter than the devil himself.Somebody asked why would the u.s.gov. do this?It's a three word answer (NEW WORLD ORDER!)look for G .W. Bush Sr.speech 9/11/91 he told us "It is more than an idea,now we can see a new world coming into focus,A New world Order")Ever notice how many times the number 11 comes into play in this country-society-government-9/11 itself?Evidence is all around us.The only nuts outthere are the ones who accept the official version and those who don't question it at all.Where do you think our next war is going to be?North Korea?Pakistan?Iran?Suddenly now as of today 7-3-09 Russia is our new bestest buddy and gonna let us ship our stuff to Afganistan over their land and perhaps airspace,since when do they wanna do anything for us?
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