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I sounded outraged? I was having a blast. I hope you noticed that I focused my "outrage" on the pedants like yourself?
If it was up to me, I would risk letting English deteriorate into a mess of grunts and farts if it meant getting rid of the grammar-fascists.
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This is like watching fish in a barrel committing suicide with a cannon of irony. Let's see...where to begin?

- Nicholas Dollak
"...what works for the legal system does not necessarily apply in liguistics..."
Muddled. Use either "work" or "apply". Something applies "to", not "in". And finally, you spelled "linguistics" incorrectly.

In English we capitalize ("capitalise" in the UK) the first letter of a word at the start of a new sentence or paragraph.

- Warenwirtschaft
"Legalize variate spelling can’t be a good idea."
Surely you meant: "Legalizing variant spelling can't be a good idea"

- Crantz

I know it sounds "cool" and "edjumacated" but "mayhaps" is not a word.
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"Rap jokes aren´t my type of humour."

They are nobody's sense of humor. Nobody's. The only use it has is to weed out those that we can safely leave behind when the bombs drop and it's finally time to descend into our underground caverns and repopulate the planet.

Justin had a good run - I hate long goodbyes.
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