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I used to do this all the time in classes.... Wanna know how I got hooked?

Cowboy Bebop... Spike does it with a cigarette, and I figured it would be a cook thing to do at a bar. turns out I just use it when I'm bored in class.

Try using a quarter and rolling it through your knuckles as well... I find that's more of a challenge.
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I wouldn't be very afraid of intelligent arachnids that are the size of a quarter...

Now dolphins and squids, on the other hand...
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Just to clear it up... for their size and their prey's size, daddy longlegs have an extremely toxic venom... but compared to a warm-blooded mammal such as a human, the venom is practically negligible.
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"A year after he was deposed, Nicholas and his entire family were executed by Lenin's order."

I strongly disagree that his entire family was executed ;)
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