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Not sure why this is considered "odd" or "funny" - you can send live plants, animals, fish and coral through the post, I can't imagine a dead one would pose a problem...
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"Heck, you can even live in the USA without having to speak English. Go to Chinatown in SF, CA one day."

Or just walk any US street and listen to the "natives" jibber-jabber at each other. Not only have we lost a lot of what made us great to begin with, we are also losing our language...
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Ok. A Challenge to Those Opposed to "Obamacare" on the pretext that nothing should be free.

For the next year, try living on $1450 a month.

Cancel your current healthcare and resolve that no matter what, you'll only spend $1450 a month.
Because that is the federal minimum wage, at 50 hours a week (we will assume that you are a hard worker and be happy to work overtime for a chance at some extra cash), and you can even keep the significant portion that the government would normally take each week. During that 1 year period, you MUST visit either a doctor or dentist, and pay out of pocket (remember, you have to give up your current healthcare plan).

I'll go out on a limb and say that none of you will be willing to try this social experiment. A shame, really.

It is very easy to say, "Let them eat cake."

In every economy, there are "haves and have-nots", without this dynamic, you can't have a viable system - some people HAVE to be poor so others may be rich. The rich often forget that without the labors of the poor, they wouldn't enjoy the lifestyle that has made them sassy and fat. Remember the lessons of the past - when the rich become too contemptuous of the poor, the poor even the playing field, often violently...
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Sure - the rich can buy these, and once they have launched, the rest of us never let them touch shore again. No food, no water, no fuel, no healthcare...
But they can have all the cake they can carry.

Sounds perfect to me!
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"And what’s even better, people over 50 tend to be happier."
Up to a point - another even more comprehensive study (60k people in the study), also recently released (and includes a link to the actual study):
This study claims, "People are at their happiest at retirement age and their most miserable in their geriatric years."
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While this is sort of funny, and takes me back, I do have a problem with this. The cartoon is old school, yet the players are playing D&D 3.0 (4.0?) - they really should be playing vintage AD&D...
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I imagine it is difficult to find unique material all the time. Especially when the world seems to run through phases, like auto-tune, female heroines or "reality" tv. One person does it, and suddenly it is everywhere.
You guys do a pretty good job, considering.
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It goes both ways - we can't watch BBC IPlayer stuff without first changing to a UK based proxy. You folks make some outstanding TV and a lot of it just isn't available here in the US in any way, shape or form...
Well, unless you condone online piracy...
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Here is the original? poster:
He says:
"I saw the Earthy Table on the N1 near Garoua." and
"The tables biodegrade - A new one pops up after the rainy season! You Must visit Cameroon - a country full of people with Big Hearts and Ingenuity that transcends any limiting H.D.I. measures. I enjoyed a few rounds on the N1 north of Ngaoundéré near Garoua. The photo is thanks to +Rita Belle Mbangah?"
I can't find +Rita Belle Mbangah? on Google+, but I don't mess with it much.

Also found a pic of one in Uganda:
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